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Trading Up: Choosing the Best Web Browser

          Firefox 4

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 is the current version is stable, at the time of this writing. However, we are running a beta version of Firefox 4.As you can see in Figure 2.4 for Firefox has a web page is slightly smaller than the width of IE 7 9 or Chrome. Hidden in the menu toolbar, as is the case with many other modern browsers, but the subject of the Firefox menu button in the upper left toolbar to make it more comprehensive.

Figure 2

Firefox provides all the basic functions of the modern web browser, plus some. Can be integrated spelling checker is priceless. Pretty much will be checked on a box, or type in the field that the web pages. Any spelling errors to show the red underline. You can simply right-click on the word for spelling suggestions.In Firefox, you can view all passwords stored by the browser, which is great if you have forgotten your login details to the site. You can protect them up with a master password, and to prevent others from seeing or access to the list.Firefox, such as chromium, he has a synchronization feature, so your favorites and preferences will be the same across all computers.One feature unique of its kind found with Firefox 4 is the ability to take screen shots of web pages from an icon in the lower right corner of Firefox. This can come in handy for some, especially since they can capture a whole page, not only what is visible on the screen.I also found two things that can be improved in Firefox 4. When you open a new tab, for example, it would be nice if it is loaded or view home page something other than a blank page. In addition, you can not specify multiple home pages to be displayed in the signs when you open Internet Explorer, both Chrome and made this function.Firefox allows you to perform searches from the toolbar, but it would be nice if the integration of research in the address bar instead of having to click in the search box separately. Download Manager allows you to pause downloads, but do not automatically resume after interruption of communication.Mozilla, and being open source-based organization, provides a browser for Mac OS X and Linux, in addition to Windows.

Firefox 4 nearly ready, but IE9 may be faster

Mozilla Foundation announced the release of Firefox 4 RC1, earlier this week. This is a statement full advantage, and can be turned to release to the final with no further changes, especially if Mozilla is keen to steal some thunder from the imminent arrival of the Internet Explorer 9, which Microsoft has confirmed only will be available starting on Monday.

Firefox 4 will, like its competitors, are much lighter in weight than the current version (3.6), which ensures better performance. Such as chromium and IE9, has been redesigned user interface to maximize screen real estate to view web pages. Will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

There are no significant changes from the last release (Beta 12), and Mozilla seems to have concentrated their efforts on identifying impurities, as well as tweaking the performance and compatibility. It was a few months ago frustrating for Firefox 4, was postponed as the original version of the planning for a number of times as programmers have struggled to secure the code - a 12-beta versions, made over 7000 fixes.

Early indications suggest that Internet Explorer 9 will be faster than Firefox - a major coup for Microsoft in its attempts to regain market share. Firefox fans will, however, pleased to see that version 4 is much faster than its predecessor on the spot. Mozilla also plans to change the development cycle to move forward in order to accelerate the development feature, even Firefox, 5, 6 and 7 are likely to be released by the end of the year.

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Customer Service

Policy and procedures for the statue

Limitation of Liability

WILL NOT IB accept any responsibility for the receipt or processing of any requests to cancel the trade ("BUST") provided by customers. IB will not accept any responsibility for any trade cancellation request submitted to and later dismissed from the center of the relevant market. SET market centers specific requirements of the trade cancellation requests, which include, among other things, the requirements of specific occupations that are eligible for cancellation as well as specific time limits within which they must submit a request to cancel the trade. IB is an attempt, on the basis of best efforts, to analyze and FORWARD appropriate requests to cancel the trade to the center of the relevant market. CAN IB, however, does not guarantee every request will be accepted to cancel the trade, submitted to and reviewed by, or granted by the Centre for the relevant market. Is IB does not compensate any requests for cancellation of commercial customers that do not accept IB or a relevant market.
Notification procedures

Customers who obtain the execution erroneous1 think clearly and who wish to obtain a baccalaureate broad center of the exchange or market for the abolition of trade on their behalf and are strongly encouraged to submit their request using the request to cancel within the trade account management. While applications received will also be processed by telephone, may involve such requests waiting times and communication entails the collection of information by the IB, which in the aggregate, may reduce the likelihood that the petition shall be submitted in a timely manner. Please note that the IB does not support communication via e-mail free of charge and the coordination of requests sent through the Help link on the portal are not intended for urgent matters.
Abolition of trade / statue fees

Exchanges and market centers often impose fees for requests for cancellation of trade in addition to the fees charged by the IB. It also encourages customers to examine all the fees associated with requests for cancellation prior to the application.
Where customers require cancellation of B are on both sides of the trade

The exchange centers and the selection of the market in general is not to decide on the cancellation requests, which include customers of the brokerage firm itself, will IB, when appropriate, and the application of the policy of dealers in place for such requests. Due to the nature of self and a high variety of these policies, and adopted a policy of B below in order to provide a level of certainty and predictability for our customers.

IB will make a decision only when the center exchange dealers in the market or the government rejects the trade cancellation policies and will abide by the trade of such organization whenever possible. Please see the website of the Center or exchange of the market for specific policies to abolish the trade. Will be making decisions that involve trading does not know specifically in the institution concerned trade cancellation policy on the basis of each individual case and if a clear policy to implement the specific question is, IB will establish a set of data including, but not necessarily limited set of considerations below. We will review all the information that is valuable in determining the nature of fair and orderly marketplace, and on this basis, we will not decide on a specific implementation based on the best efforts:

    Applications must be submitted to cancel the trade within the time set by the relevant place preferably through the instrument of trade cancellation request: * timely information.

    * A particular industry or company news / events.

    * Recent volatility of the stock.

    * Change in the indicators of a wide market in execution time.

    * We will see that the length of time that he lived even before implementation. IB may be more inclined to exit the trade if the system hits / lifts in bid / ask and less likely to break if it becomes the best bid / ask before implementation.

    * The time of application and the subsequent implementation. (Before / function compared to the market during the trading day).

    * Opening of the signal.

    * Reports on the transactions or the neighboring signals. For example, in the previous day's close price of previous trade reported, after the price recorded last trade publications.

    * Prints the following, respectively.

    * Liquidity issues.

It is designed guidelines mentioned above to provide a level of protection for our customers. However, no policy can anticipate every situation imaginable. B retains the right to take decisions in the interest of maintaining fair and orderly marketplace.
Guidelines for the abolition of forex trading / trading metals

IB will generally consider to cancel or modify any price Forex / Trading metals that are performed is greater than ½% away from the fair market value at execution time. Must be received requests to cancel the trade effect within a reasonable period of time following and preferably be sent by request to cancel a tool of trade. And B to maintain the absolute discretion to determine the reasonableness of the time of reporting, taking into account the circumstances surrounding the trade in question. In the event that meets trade guidelines for the price, but there is a delay in reporting / cancellation request, IB have refused the request for cancellation or may apply Other algorithms for determining the settlement price, for example, taking into account the commercial range of the instrument in the time interval from implementation of the abolition of REQU


Smarter use of transactions IB SmartRoutingSM. IB SmartRouting search for the best company for the shares, option, and price mix available at the time of your order, and seeks to implement immediately, your order electronically.
Our statistics speak for themselves. Based on independent measurements, and a check transactions, and decided, Inc. (TAG), a provider of third-party for the analysis of transactions and interactive mediators that U.S. stocks and the death rate options and European prices penalty stock1 was much better than industry2 in 2010.
What other brokers from leaving the comfortableOur results are even more impressive when you consider that other industry touted statistics do not give you the full picture. However, they only percent of the requests that have seen price improvement, and conveniently ignore the percent of orders Dis, which was improved or showed no improvement. On the other hand, we have won the statistics, showing improved real price down the line, including all amounts, and improve the Des improved and unimproved.

* Unlike other smart routers, IB SmartRouting never give up control of your request. It evaluates continuously changing market conditions quickly and dynamically re-routes all or parts of your system in order to achieve optimal implementation and maximize your opponent.
* IB SmartRouting represents each leg in order to spread independently and enters each leg in place the best possible way.
* IB SmartRouting AutorecoverySM re-routes your U.S. options in case of failure of exchange, with IB undertaking the risk of double executions.
* To help provide better prices on large volume orders to prevent and take advantage of the hidden flows of the institutional system that may not be available on the exchange, IB include the ponds in the dark logic SmartRouting:
O Automated Trading Desk (ATD)
Q CSFB CrossFinder
Fares Q
Q Liquidnet

Net dollar Improvement3Improve the net price of the dollar chart
Customers can select TWS stock options and smart strategies for ordering non-marketable. Of the shares, it can be for customers with cost-plus pricing structure for the team these commands is marketable directed to:

The exchange with the highest discount
* Exchange-based code
* Exchange traded the highest volume discount to add liquidity
The exchange of accusations that the highest volume of the lowest fees for taking cash
For options, customers can choose to send them to non-marketable smart routing orders to the exchange to provide the highest level of the opponent. These guidelines can be set on the basis of guidance for each of the Miscellaneous tab ticket order, or in the form of the global default setting of the page, the smart routing configuration.

trading foreign exchange

Most internet marketers and online entrepreneurs shy away from trading foreign exchange trading or forex trading. This aversion is not so much on the normal direction between the business on the Internet, but instead stems from the lack of information about the benefits that are in line with the nature of the work on the Internet and Internet marketers.

Consider this a great benefit: the Forex market never sleeps! Marketer on the Internet and take advantage of the time on his hands, and the ability to refer to the maps on the Internet to monitor price movements of the currency pairs that are traded. Therefore, the entrepreneur can trade online at any time he choses. And will be suitable for someone who wants to swap the part-time, in fact, at any time!

There is another reason why Internet marketers shy away from forex trading as a source of income is one of the "fear".

Consideration of the many sad stories of people who lost everything in the stock markets, particularly in the trading day. That is because the security of sustainable income for most internet marketers is foremost in their minds. With this kind of thinking, and internet marketers are prone to avoid forex trading imagine that they are even more dangerous than the equity markets.

This fear is actually exagggerated. This is because in forex, you can trade currency pairs, and it reduces the risk or the risk of ruin.

In fact, this is the most exciting feature of trading in foreign currencies, this is the abilityto generate profits whether a currency pair is 'up' or 'down'. The trader can profit by taking a 'long' position, (buying the currency pair at one price and sell them later at a higher price), or 'short' position, (buying and selling the currency pair again at a lower price). As long as the trader picks the right direction, to the possibility of profit is always there.

More than one misunderstanding among internet marketers that proved to be an obstacle to them being involved in Forex trading is that of capital. Many believe it requires a huge amount of money to trade forex. The truth is that you can start a small way, and you can start from scratch, even outside the capital, because you can start trading on a simulation of the trade, to gain experience and then you can start building small and your profits in a huge capital base.

Consideration of these factors, it can become a forex trading income of a good alternative to Internet Marketers source in a matter of fact, anyone who is willing to study and learn and master this trade.
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There are a number of options trading strategies but I will emphasize in this article develop a simple business, and we call currency options, or some people call options forex. It is a fact that foreign currency options, more than 70% of the development of simple and the call ends without balance. You have to have a sound strategy to be on the winning side when you trade currency options.

The biggest advantage of options trading currency risk is limited and the availability of time. If you buy an option with a sound strategy, and improve your odds of winning dramatically because of the time factor is huge. Options Trading is simple patience also bring in your own trading, which is the main characteristic of a successful and profitable trade. Forex Trading and many of the defects. It's a market highly volatile. You could lose a large amount of money in just one day. Trade is in itself a difficult game. But when you buy currency options, and you know that you have held your position for a few days to a few weeks, but already been identified at your own risk that gives you piece of mind. This is why you can start this business with small capital to supplement his income sound without affecting the business full time.

Currency options may be a feature on stock options, because there is a lot of research required in stock options. Purchase options at your own risk to maintain a reasonable level. Can options trading currencies give you the confidence that you can keep your profits and in contrast to foreign exchange, where you can lose your year full of profit in one month or even one day. Commercial decision-making includes the skills and strategies and governance. It is not possible for each individual to be a high level of governance before making a trading decision. Mentality can be difficult and a strategy that will bring you financial freedom.

variety of forex trading

There are a variety of forex trading and welcoming society, there are also more than willing to help newcomers and advice. There may be much lower than that one until I seen for ships with the various markets, as you do not compete directly or take a half off against each other. So make certain you get entangled in the boards, ask questions and interest in them for tips.But to grow up to be a member of a fully integrated in the world of forex trading does not require an initial investment - of time. It is useful for efficiency have the ability to trade in peace and security in this market. So make sure you do not skimp on educating yourself, and do spend some time honing your skills newly acquired. Otherwise, you can discover mat hello to you in the world of forex trading suddenly pulled away - a result not have any cash to play with the left.
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On this occasion you are new in the world of forex trading,

On this occasion you are new in the world of forex trading, hello to you on board! The market you are about to enter is puzzling, but frantic and finally rewarding one. To be sure, asset finance, in contrast to each other, require a certain dynamism and initiative of the investors. Forex trading bonuses for those who do not get ideas on their fingers dirty, and not to ideas need to 'put', as a means of 'exit'.You'll discover that, with foreign exchange trading, your return to a very large extent in the hands of your own. You probably can not rely on a broker or fund manager inventory to get your business money. You'll be casting your eye on the market, while maintaining your ear to the ground; undoubtedly is required from the flexibility in trading foreign currencies! Can all trades can be devised your own, making the plucking of the profits of the doubly rewarding.To get to the place adept special purpose, on any level it will reflect your learning language is not unusual for forex trading, and experimenting in the black arts of technical analysis. You can experience the pleasure of developing a great plan together and then see it work like a dream, such as a nice punch of those that sometimes crash and burn. But if you can take a difficult trading, foreign exchange will be a graceful good enough.Right here in the world for foreign exchange trading, and you will have anything but a routine procedure! You get to choose periods while you trade, when to pause. You can choose the time frames within which to trade, in line with your character and time to obtain, for a few hours a day intensive trading minutes after the minute, or an extra half hour in the evening at leisure modified play this week. Do not fall into temptation to buy 24 hours, sale, glued to the screen - which is no stranger to money trading, it is gambling.

In currency trading,

In currency trading, it is important to know the beginner who participate in the Forex arena. Below-mentioned key players in this market.Governments and central banks monetary policies such as interest rate and which are implemented by central banks or governments can play a key role and vital role in the forex market. Central banks in providing financial stability by controlling the money supply of the country.Banks, a large part of the volume of the foreign exchange market by banks. Large banks trade literally a billion and billion dollars of currency in each working day. This may be in the form of hedge or for speculative purposes.Hedge funds, and so far, you should know that the foreign exchange market and high liquidity, and thus is a major attraction for trade. And dedicated hedge fund managers are increasingly large portions of their portfolios to speculate in the forex market. Another advantage is the highest degree of influence available to them compared with stocks or the stock market.Large multinational companies (MNCs) - the reason the forex market is in existence is mainly due to global trade. Intertwined with the global market too, and the goods are imported or exported to many countries. May be to pay for these goods and services received in different currencies. Billion and billions of dollars every day for the exchange of global trade transactions.Individual investors and speculators, in fact, there is no significant difference between the two. Both are in the market, hoping to make money by exploiting the movement of a currency pair. Each has a reason why we believe the currency will move up or down, and this in turn, long or short the currency accordingly. According to a survey conducted by the Bank for International Settlements) in April 2007, the average daily trading volume of the currency market recorded the highest ever level of U.S. $ 3.2 trillion. 71% increase from the U.S. $ 1.9 one trillion that was traded in April 2004. This increase is attributable mainly to the participation of retail investors using electronic trading platform broker.You and I, when we have the vacation we have on board or to travel abroad on business trips, we would need to buy the currency is a natural for this country and when you return, go back to the currency and our nation. When we use our credit cards to make purchases abroad, our company credit card purchases and transfer to the main currency in the bill for us. Science does not, we already are trading currencies.
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Kinds Of Foreign Exchange Market

Forward foreign exchange consists of two instruments:
Futures and swaps the final. Exchange unusual among other things
Currency instruments, ranging from the fact that it consists of two agreements, or on foot. All other transactions and to negotiate individually. Its original form, the swap is a combination of traditional and position before the final agreement.
Overall, the market include cash transactions only. Even currency futures, despite the fact that a certain strain is analyzed transactions front separately. Total Value of the U.S. market as a whole by $ 1490000000000 $ 900,000,000 000. Futures market, rather than focusing on the history of the normalization of governance, ranging from 3 days to 3 years. The amount of foreign currency swaps are now able to redirect the settlement, if it is valid for two business days of currencies. The market price of power, provided by the imposition of a tax on exchange transactions different. And futures market in foreign currency only, there can be sold in multiples of standard amounts of the futures market to open in any currency, in any quantity. Forward price of two important part of the current exchange rate and its spread to the front. Places of level is the key. Futures price in terms of controlling the spread of values ??Find a spot price
Futures market
Forward to the forward foreign currency exchange proposals for specific types of direct
Generally occupies a small fraction of the price of market views expressed in this currency.
Specific date and amount of trade. Which usually conveys the final recommendations, which mature in the past history, and mature in any valid date in both countries where currencies are converted and placed in the trading time, record amounts of foreign currency since whether the characteristics that make
Attractive. Involved people and is open to all participants in the market. It's different, in the spot market, which is in fact entities are closed, but a place under one roof. The elimination of credit risk, as the work of the Chicago Stock Exchange Information Center and the seller and the buyer each vice versa. Then reduce the effect of light on the sector requires dealers to maintain a profitable position equal to the difference between the value of their losses.
Currency Options
Currency option contract between the buyer and the seller to the buyer the right but not the obligation to trade some money. Committed to the currency at a fixed price and a specific time, regardless of the purchase of currency, prices, and give the seller or writer to ensure the currency of the above conditions, if and when the buyer is willing to take this opportunity. Many of the factors that affect the price of the option prices for other instruments in foreign currency. In contrast, spot or forward, and each of the high volatility and low to create profitable opportunities in the market. For some, it means a less costly option is to trade currencies. For others, and opportunities for increased security and accurate implementation of the stop-loss. Currency options are the fastest growing in the foreign exchange market foreign. Since April 1998, the 5 options for the foreign exchange market in percent. (See Figure 3.1) is the largest shopping facilities in the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and Japan. Options prices are based on or derived from funds in cash. Therefore, one option is a derivative. Options generally referred to in connection with the obligations of insurance and security strategies. However, dealers often confusion, complexity and ease of use as possible.
Dollars or foreign currencies.
And can be placed in any currency trading is an opportunity not only offers products such as the future. Therefore, the parties may rely on any foreign currency
If necessary, including the rates of cross-

The Central Banks of the Other G-7 Countries

After World War II in Germany and Japan to help in the development of new financial systems. The two countries formed by central banks deep, such as the Federal Reserve. On the line, and the tumor to adapt to internal needs, and the difference in behavior. European Central Bank was established on June 1, 1998 for control of
Growth in the euro area. During the transitional stage of economic and monetary union funds to import only from January 1, 1999) was responsible for the implementation of monetary policy in the community. Executive Board, ie, an independent unit to monitor the activities of members of the European Central Bank such as the German Bundesbank, the Bank of France and Italian ufisyo Camby PPC. The Executive Board is the decision at the European Bank maintenance of the central system, which is the work of the management of money in circulation, and the practice of foreign exchange operations, holding and management of official foreign countries, and promote the smooth operation of payment systems. This is the successor of the Executive Board of the European Monetary Institute (EMI). Central Bank of Germany, known widely as the German model of the Executive Board. This is the German is an independent body, which was held stable money, low inflation and money supply management. Put this ipèrenflasyon in Germany after the Second World War scenario created a fertile economic, political, and the emergence of extremist political parties and the beginning of World War II. This is the German central bank, and the administrator must avoid any disruption of this economy. Bank of Japan differ from the provisions of the federal form of independence. Despite the political advice is always free money political changes are still subject to approval by the Ministry of Finance (MOF). Bank of Japan's overall objective of the M2. Approximately once each quarter, banks in the case of Japan Tankan release financial. Japanese Tankan equivalent to the time the book America, and represents the state in the economy. It's Tankan results are not automatically result in changes in monetary policy. In general, the absence of inflation, central bank independence signals. This will not work, Japan, and this is another example of how different economic and financial policy of force has the opposite effect in some areas. And can be classified as Bank of England and the independent central bank because of the very government to withdraw its resolution. That was the kiss is not easy to mount. Despite the fact that British inflation was high until 1991, by two digits in late 1980, the Bank of England has done a fantastic job to show the world that can maneuver in the book mirror the exchange rate mechanism. Then enter the ERM in late 1990, the Bank of England has played an important role in maintaining the series of books that allow for the 6 percent against the deutsche mark, but the pound was a short stay in the mechanisms of exchange of links. This was the difference between the rates associated with the obligations of the ERM with the economy artificially British High sale March of this book
1992. Bank of France is a shared responsibility between the Ministry of Finance
Domestic monetary policy. The main task is not inflation and external balances. France became a major player exchange markets, and how to manage the crisis of catastrophic risk, July 1993, when the victims of the French capital market is worth. Bank of Italy is responsible for monetary policy, financial intermediary, and foreign currencies. As in other European Monetary System, the central bank, and the freezing timber and walked
Throw this crisis. With the German and the Bank de France, and the World
Italy is now part of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). Bank of Canada and an independent central bank, which is fine on the capital sidewalk. Because it is a complex economic relations with the United States and the Canadian dollar strong relationship with the U.S. dollar. Participation in many cases, one of the other G7 central bank dollars to support the Canadian difference. Changed its policy after the central bank intervention in 1999. Aware of this provision by the manipulation of growth of only $ 50 million in value based on the previous close was not working.

The Federal Reserve System of the USA and Central Banks of the Other G-7 Countries

Central banks, and the effects of the U.S., such as the Federal Reserve (o.
Foreign exchange markets in three main areas:
Amount of market instruments, and currency transactions.
Foreign exchange transactions are the main repo agreement to sell the same security back to the same price as before, which is later date (usually 15 days), and a certain amount. These injections in the reserves, banking arrangements of the systems of the transitional period. The impact of foreign exchange market, should weaken the dollar. Could push the client or repurchase agreements by this system reposcratches. Matching purchases and sales agreement is the opposite of the right to return the contract. Be matched to the purchase and sale agreement, the Federal Reserve central bank selling dealer or a foreign security agreement Instant delivery price of a pre-determined to buy back shares of some point in the future (usually within 7 days, this event includes the drain reserves temporarily. Is the impact of the currency should strengthen the markets dollar.
Major central banks engaged in foreign exchange transactions to intervene more roads in the open market. Activities, including payments between central banks or international organizations. In addition, the Federal Reserve in exchange arrangements with other central banks to put the finishing touches on a series of 1962, for example, helped the war effort allied against Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, 1990-1991, is the application of payments to the Bundesbank and the Bank of Japan Federal Reserve. In addition, performance payments, and the World Bank or the United Nations central banks. The aim of intervention by the U.S. financial markets in the U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve to restore market under appropriate conditions, or to influence exchange rates. Not against the reservation. Two types of foreign exchange interventions, and there should be sterilized intervention naked and intervention.
Nude project or intervention is not sterilized and foreign, and changes in income only. This is the intervention itself is the Federal Reserve, or to purchase or sell one currency against the dollar. In influencing the currency markets, as well as the money is
The impact on money supply. Affect the money supply in line with the amendments and interest rates and the price should be at all levels. Economy. For this reason, naked foreign currency effects of intervention on the long term. Sterilized intervention to neutralize its impact on money supply. It also seeks to influence the efforts of the central banks of many of the foreign exchange markets, and sterilization of their economy, and will affect every corner of the efforts is the best way. This applies to the Federal Reserve better.
This includes the additional step of sterilized intervention the original currency transactions. This step consists of interference occurs because of asset sales reach additional compensation. This dream may be easier if you think that if you finance the money to buy one of the central bank, through the sale of government securities. Sterilized intervention because it affects not only access
Some of the demand for money, and tend to be short term effects of impacts on the medium term. The other countries of G7, and the central banks of Germany and Japan after World War II that contribute to the development of new financial systems. The two countries established central banks basis, such as the Federal Reserve. Line, along with the model fields to meet the needs of internal and delinquency. Established European Central Bank, June 1, 1998 to control the rising euro. During the transition to the third stage of Economic and Monetary Union (Implementation of the single currency in January 1, 1999) was responsible for the implementation of monetary policy. European Central Bank, the activities of members of the European individual and independent unit to monitor the German Deutsche Bank, France and central banks, such as Dai Italian Ufficio Camb. Bodies of Governors of the European Central Bank in Europe to run the system, which is a function of banks, and behavioral Central, to manage the trading currency in foreign exchange, holding and managing the official reserves of foreign exchange resources and develop the efficiency of the payments system. This is the European Monetary Institute, European Central Bank (EMI), as his successor. Was known widely Bundesbank and the Central Bank Model for the European Central Bank. Dedicated to the German Central Bank, as an independent body stable currency, low inflation and control the money supply. Has developed a hyper-inflation in Germany after World War II, to create a fertile application of extremist political parties and political and economic scenarios for the start of World War II. German President should avoid this economic mess. Federal Reserve (central bank of Japan in terms of deviation from the model and independence. Although the full responsibility for the advice in the field of monetary policy
Changes in policy by the Treasury Department is still subject to approval by the Republic of Armenia (Ministry of Finance). Bank of Japan targets collected M2. Once in the quarter-final, Japan's central bank
Tank, released its study of the economic situation. Tanaka is the Japanese equivalent to represent the state in the economy, and the Book of the American definition. These are the results tank does not automatically lead changes in monetary policy. In general, refers to the lack of independence of central bank inflation. This does not work, Japan is another example of how the various policies of financial and economic crisis may have the opposite effect in specific areas. Can be considered as the Bank of England and the central bank less independent the bank, the Government may reconsider its decision. Bank of England's position was not easy. Rate of inflation in Britain, and reached a height during 1991, despite the fact that the last two digits 1980, the Bank of England £ a great job to prove that it can operate in a mirror to the world of exchange-rate mechanism. ERM is the last in 1990, and the decision of the Bank of England to keep the mark against the pound within the 6 percent allowed, but
There was a short stay in ERM pounds. Risk Management deviation between the obligations and interest rates associated with artificially high pound sterling, the effects of the country's overall economy on the sale of 1992. Bank of France is a shared responsibility of the Ministry of the Treasury for domestic monetary policy of Armenia. The main objective of growth without inflation and balance the external account. France became a major player in
Foreign exchange markets, in July 1993, the ERM crisis, and when the demolition of
A victim of the French franc money markets. Italy's central bank responsible for monetary policy, financial intermediaries and foreign currencies. Such as cash other former European, central banks, the responsibility for the Board of Investment in the country after the ERM crisis. German Central Bank and the Bank de France, along with the Bank of Italy is the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) is part of. A bit thin on the Bank of Canada and an independent central bank, and money. Because of the complex financial relationship with the United States of America, the Canadian dollar, U.S. dollar and a strong relationship. Bank of China from the vagaries of the intervention other G7 central banks to promote Canadian dollars. Happened in 1999, after the central bank to change the mechanisms of political interference from the previous policy of intervention in increments of recognition of only $ 50 million at a fixed rate on the basis of the previous document, it does not work.

Major Currency pairs In Forex Trading The U.S. Dollar

The U.S. dollar against major currencies in the world. And all currencies are usually quoted in U.S. dollars. In terms of international economic and political dislocations, and the dollar is the main currency safe haven, which was good, especially during the crisis in South-East Asia in 1997-1998. Dollar became the leading currency in the late World War II, the main purpose of the agreement at Bretton Woods, which
Was effectively connected with the other currencies to do so. Introduction of the euro, which
1999 reducing the role of the dollar a bit. Major currencies traded against the U.S. dollar and the euro and the Japanese yen and the pound sterling and Swiss franc.
Euro to become the Prime Minister currence
Quoted only from the perspective of the United States. As the U.S. dollar and the euro and the strong international presence, and as a result of the Member States of the European Monetary Union. Currency is still on the site of unequal growth, employment and high resistance to the government to change the structure. Couple and also weighing in 1999 and 2000 abroad, foreign investors, in particular, and Japan, which was forced to liquidate their investment losses in euro assets. Moreover, the lower the balance of the European conservative money managers and reduce the impact of the euro on the needs of foreign exchange control risk in Europe.
Japanese Yen
The Japanese Yen is the third most heavily traded currency in the world, this international presence is much less than the dollar or the euro. Very fluid in all parts of the world, practically around the clock yen. Demand for the yen keyretsu normal trade between Japan and the top economic and financial conglomerates. Ian is more sensitive to the Nikkei Japanese equity markets and the fate of the property. Attempts Bank
Japan deflation double bubble in these markets, and the negative impact
Japanese yen and the effect was the same British Pound did not last long before the Second World War was linked to the exchange of the pound sterling. They are Nick telegram telex machines that were used to peak. Currency trading against the euro and the dollar, but the presence of different places against other currencies. He was for two years the exchange rate mechanism in the battle of 1990 and 1992, has had a calming effect on the pound sterling, as it usually follow fluctuations in the decision-maker, but the crisis that precipitated from the ERM the pound has had a psychological impact on the currency. Before the adoption of the euro and the pound benefited from any doubts about the currency convergence. After the introduction of the euro, and Britain, the Bank seeks high rates of the United Kingdom closer to the lower level of the euro area. Can join the euro the pound in early 2000, when the British referendum is positive.
Swiss Franc
Swiss franc is the currency the only European country which does not belong to a major European Monetary Union and the Group of 7 -. Although the Swiss economy is relatively small, and the Swiss franc, one of four major currencies, remember the strength and quality of the Swiss economy and finance ministers. Switzerland has very close economic relations with Germany and, therefore, the euro zone. Thus, because of political uncertainty
East, supported by the Swiss franc and the euro. It is believed that the Swiss franc is the currency stable. In fact, the foreign exchange point of views, and the Swiss franc and the document refers to a form of the euro, but lacks liquidity. And demand
Exceeds supply, the Swiss franc, which is more stable than the euro.
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To Know Market Climbing

When people say free forex signal, and about to order a pair of currencies at a specified price. Usually, this is a reference to study and work experience. It's more of a personal vision of things in the future.

In some cases the label. Failed in a different position. This is because the person who also noted small businesses. The study is based on technical and fundamental, without actually save money.

If the person is good, and fans would be enough, and to ensure that the negotiations of money each signal and the movement of currencies. If a person has a few followers, and swimming alone in a sea full of sharks.

This is what most of us. We are not coordinated, and it works only in foreign currencies. This is the reason why sharks take a long time and we must choose to swallow at one time. Sounds good, but it's true. Now, do not ask, because most people do not, and why banks continue to make huge profits.

If you are interested in Forex Signal, and take someone you trust to the banks. You have the information so much more and study in foreign exchange markets. And excludes the amount of information, knowledge and human resources and money to compete with all of us.

For some people, to be able to find a profitable forex is a good thing. He found a way to run the system. Human rights system is in itself full of weaknesses developed.

For those of you who lose their jobs, and it's time to think only how to swim in a sea of ??sharks. To make friends and help each other in terms of knowledge and financial strength.

Do not get me wrong, I now have a surplus. I have found a way to exploit this system, such as a mouse, and the theft of food for a short period of time. A little bit better 'than the loss of all time, but how long are you willing to do small fish. I always enter and exit the market. Hope in the direction long enough to be a small profit from this increase.

For me, to grow in foreign currency, we must work together. It has long been in my head, just looking for the right opportunity and the people. Here the same way?

Its Not The System Of Trading

After more than two years, I can tell a story about the exchange rate regime. Forex is the way to work in order to gain more opportunities. Unfortunately, the whole system of the exchange rate. This occurs because the system does not work. It's you.

What happens if I tell you, I have a system that consists only of the moving average. The system can make money, lose the desire to reduce or even give you the opportunity to achieve a balance in difficult times.

You can try searching thirll lose money at the end of the day, and say the system sucks. The truth is that if someone loses exactly the same monetary system, but is money. So, where do you think is the problem? And 'the system or for yourself?

You can never make a profit in Forex, so you can understand what is wrong with you. Most times, if you lose money, and market data, news, and the system, etc., but never the same. To find what was wrong, no matter how the system will fail in your hands. Once you know what you did so wrong that can save a lot of money.

Once you know what does not seem to work without any indication. I buy only for MS. It took some time to understand, but when you see it, is no longer dependent on the index. It is your decision that counts.

You never know what can go in this world and learn Forex. Now I begin to understand why some market share without the screen. The best indicator is your mind. One only needs to grow. It will take some time. Is not busy.

What Is Pips ?

You really have to see if a new foreign exchange by the way the number of seeds or financial gain. When people start counting at the point of Forex. And can be hundreds of units per day, but its profits were low. This is because of the risk / low return, they have adopted.

If you have more foreign currency, you see the report. There is no point to hundreds of cores, when profits are low. To start a company with a high risk high return. Such acts do not give good results, but the profit margin is high.

If the verdict is Forex. Effective control over the risks and enjoy. Now, I have done three things. Lost 1 and 2 merchants business income. My account an increase of 37%. Not bad for slow Monday.

Forex response, also known if you think you feel helpless. No matter how good or smart you are that counts for nothing. Banking and information technology skills. It helps me? Two different skills does not help a bit 'here. I cried when I heard.

Seed Hunt, but the profits from the book. Happiness

Art Of Trading

Talk about trade, and the people who say that the trade of art. Read books published about this subject. It is said that the art of forex trading.

In this sense we must not Forex and science and art. I know some people who disagree with me and all the comments on this blog. I can not blame them because I was in the same place when I started acting. Attempt to use foreign exchange to respond logical explanation.

This is the answer you are looking for. I am now. See your mind can accept.

Forex is not a science. It's not a simple equation that can be interpreted. It is not expected any expectations we can not predict. All you have to do is just to get the profits after the market. If the purchase price then rises. If the stock price, you sell. You can not win every time, but if the market could be in excess. Get your profits and increase its capital to the point where he won a small number of transactions per month for big profits.

Money Management

Is there a secret to a successful business?
The way in which 'h the use of all successful entrepreneurs, and not a secret. This is called
Money management.
Money management is not ambiguous language - it's just
Knowledge and skills necessary to manage your Forex trading. It's very easy
It may seem, is the key to life long and successful career as a trader. However, it is often
Forgotten or overlooked in the excitement of trading. We take this opportunity
Add some basic rules, you can manage your account.
Do not look great to win, is likely to be a great loss. Success
Trade always means a surplus widened slightly in the long term
Profits. Never assume that lucrative deals, and plans of the consequences.
In need of a very small percentage of the total balance of the risks faced by each
Trade. It is easy to reduce the risk, even if you lose at the end of
Total investment in a commercial environment, does not affect your
Libra. The recommended amount is 2% in the trade balance.
Operators to be more aggressive to up to 5% but never more than that. This is a very
Maintain a significant base, because the higher your balance drops, the more difficult
With limit orders
Learn stop-loss orders and profit efficient. These treaties protect
Investments and the achievement of your profits. It is very simple tools
The difference to your account.
Trade volume
They proposed to open small businesses, because it is the lost function,
On the contrary, may occur with a major investment, and high pressure,
Profitable to do so.
Practice with virtual money
The use of the operating mode for the practice of money. One of the unique characteristics of eToro is
Our program provides a practice environment. How virtual money
Works the same way that the actual modalities of the negotiations and the same prices in real time, using
With small difference is without risk. It is recommended that use of this practice
Fashion on the platform and learn forex trading experience.
Even after the launch of real money trade, this is the place to look for
Trading strategies. It makes no sense to risk your money in a test
One theory, because it managed to reduce the risks. After seeing what happened is always a strategy with virtual money, in an attempt
For Real Madrid.

How Does Market Reacts To News

ime, this time carefully. Many profitable trades
And the first moments of the small contribution faite major economic announcements. U
Winning and losing a fortune if you are on the European Commission in Quebec and that's all. This
It is important to note that for the first time that it still has on the international scene
Arena financing. Recognize the importance of interest in the market today, operators of vehicles
Run, and in fact in the market at the time of the report. EToro offers
Pour give you a head when it becomes all important, and low cost.

The Volatility Quest

Forex market is open 24 hours a day, but this is the best time to get
Although the foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day, except
Opening hours at weekends are not good for business. Why forex
Market is open 24 hours a day, consisting of several meetings
The world, 24 hours.
The most active markets at the same time, other sectors
Finished, and the collection of further work.
Trading sessions (GMT):
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
New York
Since the session to London is the largest of the four countries, the best time to negotiate
Opening hours from 8.00 am bis 09:00 (GMT) and 13h - 17 (GMT), but then in London
Meeting of the overlap with other courses.
Read phonetically

Hedging Risks

Forex trading is a risky business. This posts shows how to use the card
(O) and reap the profits (n) command. It is used to determine the
Prizes, and get the profits and minimize your losses.
EToro is an automatic loss of all your transactions to avoid
Lose more than it invests. If the percentage of free trade to reduce
What is a private investment and trade through the reduction of shift automatic
Table means that the most you can lose in the trade is almost always
In the investment industry.
But there is no reason why you should wait until you lose all your investment
To close the deal. And can determine the period of the mandate of the loss is no doubt that the value of
Transactions that do not fall below a certain level. This allows maximum control
Lose the amount you are willing, in a deal that did not see
Operations around the clock.
Orders to take profits back to the same stop-loss orders to rest. Today Net controls to ensure that treatment at a certain level of profit
Be closed.Suppose you open a long EUR / USD trade quickly
1.5400. After several hours, the rate of 1.5500, but the loss of an hour later1.5300. If you could not get the profit growth that lack the Baby, and finallyLoss in your hands.
If set to reap profits, and earnings potential of the negotiations
Play without the need for continuous monitoring.

A Trade Example

Are you ready? The time has come for action!
Here is a list of tasks to work, that the market is open:
- Buy now determine the spouse /
Decided on the initial investment -
- Select the correct lever
- Consider the use of trade barriers (covered in the next section)
- Free Trade
Suppose that after a while consideration of the tables across
I have found the currency, as follows:
1) Turn the euro
2) the dollar tends to bottom
Now, what is the right decision based on this circuit?
Of course you can, for the purchase of first sale and purchase of euro dollar profits, then
Euro U.S. dollar selling cheaper and more expensive.
We can do this by buying and selling currency and the euro / dollar pairs.
Reminder - was "progress" in the market prices were offered for sale at the "auction".
Suppose you buy $ 100 euro / dollar for influence in order to 1:100
Rate of 1.5461. Details of your business are:
Through the investment of $ 100
1:100 pressure
10000 units sold
EUR / USD (demand) 1.5461
Only in Danish, what you buy (= 100x100) 10.000 points for the amount of
/ USD, which corresponds to this particular group of $ 1.5461 against the euro 1.
Now, let's say we assume that at the end of the day, or maybe even a few minutes later,
EUR / USD rose to 1.5538. Sale 10 € 000 / U.S. $ Units
The new price of $ 1.5538 and the return of 177: e
This means that these seemingly small changes in speed that allow you to Cash in 77 $ for an initial investment of $ 100.
In other words, you can only use 77% of private investment through
Movement in two sizes.
For example, we see trade only risk, performance, private and non-limited,
The risk was low, which is good if you are unsure of your subscription
But as a beginner, do not dare too much, you are required
Error. By learning about specific rules for options trading
Cover your risk.

What Is Leverage

If all exposed to the world Forex You've probably heard
Launched the word "influence". But what exactly is the "influence"?
Is preparing a very important part of foreign exchange trading, and it is important to know
Exactly how it works and how to use them. E-Forex traders use the term related to
The relationship between the amount for the full value of the investment exchange.
Forex brokers usually offer their customers the ability to negotiate
Debt, so that companies do not have to invest thousands of dollars
Opportunity, a real bonus. If the business to take advantage of 1:100 or
X100 means that for every $ 1 you invest in the market, the broker invested
$ 100. Therefore, you can control the amount of $ 10,000 invested $ 100. Toro
The operator can trade up to 1:400 leverage.
And probably would not be surprised if we say, more opportunities
The result is the most vulnerable. As minor fluctuations in exchange rates may
Large sums of money, but also the loss of a lot of your money
Quickly. More influence, the more profit you make and do
Faster and you can lose your investment. One can take advantage of 1:400
More money as a leverage of 1:100, but also your initial investment
More risk.
If you trade with a leverage of 1:100, it should be that the market will grow by 100 points
Attract them to your site. On the other hand, trade, once with
The influence of 1:400, the market is only 25 points against you will
Their positions are reversed.
We recommend that you first place with a low pressure 1:100, and once
See that you have a strong tendency to Start 1:400
The relationship between the minimum Lotto, and ensures that the volume of trade
Basically, the minimum lot size for the company $ 10,000, use, and then
Restrictions is determined on the basis of the amount of purchase on the Internet:
Use Lotto
25 400 10,000
50 200 10,000
100 100 10,000
And benefit from trade in leveraged products is that the potential gains
Are almost unlimited, and only loss on the size of your initial investment. If less than the level of private investment
Automatically close the trade. This is done by automatic stop loss
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How To Analyse The Trend

Trend analysis based on the idea that what happened in the past, and provides
Traders an idea of ??what will happen in the future.
While this may seem very basic, to determine whether the couple were
When effort and help you increase your chances of winning
Consistently in Forex.
Once you determine the direction, it is possible to calculate that the speed
Currency pair will continue to, you have the direction of the trend with
Identify and crafts in this direction.
If the upward trend, which means that the high prices, currency pairs will now be
Give you the best profit opportunities. If a downward trend, which means that the rate and
Is selling a pair of currencies provides you more chance of winning
How can I identify the direction and what are the characteristics of direction?
The easiest way to determine the direction of various forms of price
Forms. You can find out whether the market is moving in the direction of bullish or bearish.
Determine the direction of currencies
Once in the direction in a couple of foreign currency fluctuations begin to form
Ups and downs in the graph of the few countries that are easy to identify.
In an uptrend, and the direction of prices is a series of far higher and higher
Valleys.(The highest peaks and down above).
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we should consider the following schedule:This figure shows that the trader must buy the currency pair (document
Trade with a profit after increases in selling prices).In the downward trend in prices in the form of a series of small peaks and bottoms
(The lower layer of the upper and lower)
This figure shows that the trader must sell the currency pair (document
Trade and profit from the decline in market price)

Cashing on Price Changing \

Forex trading is exciting. The market is always in motion and all
Minor changes in exchange rates, and gains and losses as a result of hundreds and even
Thousands of dollars!
We will see how this can happen:
General, eight of the most commonly traded currencies in the forex market:
U.S. dollars
Euro €
Pound Sterling Pound Sterling
Japanese Yen
CAD Canadian dollar
CHF Swiss franc
New Zealand dollar New Zealand Dollar
Office of the Inspector General Australian Dollar
Are always in pairs of foreign currencies, since all trade is that while
Buy one currency and selling another currency. On trade
18 major currency pairs.

If you are buying or selling currency pairs, each pair of Bid own demand and prices
For example:
Make some offers
Euro / dollar 1.5420 1.5422

This means you are either:
Now, this pair rate
1 € / $ 1,5422 for sale
Sales Manager, and the pair with the rate of
1 Selling EUR / $ 1.5420 Buy
Well, but where is the opportunity for profit?
Rate currencies volatile and constantly changing.
One way by buying a pair of profit, and sell them at higher interest.
The second way is to sell the couple to buy at a lower price.
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How To Make Profit

It does not take financial wizard to understand that the biggest attraction for all
Market or financial company, in addition to that, a chance to win. In
The forex market is profitability, expressed in a variety of ways.
First, just to correct the record, you do not need a millionaire
Forex trading. Unlike most financial markets, the foreign exchange market when you start
And can be traded with relatively low initial start trading foreign currencies
Less than $ 25!
At this point you're probably wondering: "What luck, I do not
Initial investment is low? "The foreign exchange market is not
Large initial investment, because it allows you to use the influence of trade. Influence
Trade and open positions for thousands of dollars to invest
Low amounts of up to 25. This means that forex trading is the profit (or loss)
Potential for hundreds, even tens of percent in one day!
Also unique to the Forex market is that every movement is
Chance to work. Whether the currency rise or fall, there is always
Room for speculation, because you can always buy or sell
Currency of your choice. Unlike the stock market, were not limited to
To speculate on rising inventories and declining market, as well as run the business
Rising market.He said it is important to remember that just as profitable forex
The market is still bear all risks associated with trading of financial instruments.  You must Always aware of the risks and never bet money that you can not afford to lose.He said it is important to remember that just as profitable forex
The market is still bear all risks associated with trading of financial instruments. You must Always aware of the risks and never bet money that you can not afford to lose This e-mail BlogThis! Twitter to share the stock to share for Facebook to Google Buzz

Why Forex ??

Availability - and it is not surprising that trading in the forex market
3000000000000 daily trading volume - everyone needs to participate in the crime
Computer and Internet connection.
24-hour market - Forex is open 24 hours a day, so you can
If the ball to hear the same monetary value. It is not necessary
Nail-biting until the opening bell.
A narrow focus - in contrast to the stock market, and tens of thousands of small markets
Choose from thousands of stocks, and forex market revolves around the
More or less than eight major currencies. Local elections close all
Confusion, even when the market is very large, it is very easy to create a clear vision
Picture of what is happening.
Liquidity - The Forex market is the largest financial market
The daily movement in the world a little more than $ 3000000000000! Now, after
Be similar to the statistics, the forex market is a large body
Also one of the biggest advantages. A huge volume of daily transactions
In fact, the most liquid market in the world, which means that
Now, under normal market conditions and sale of currencies
Please. They never buy the currency, or in a jam
Currency that can not be removed.
Can not corner the market - a huge foreign exchange market also
Ensure that no corner of the market. Banks so as not to
Really enough to stimulate the market for a long time to complete this
It makes a great place to go for the little guy.

Economic Indicators

Economic indicators are still in a certain time, interest rates andLow, and changes in the government or of natural, land procedures, etc., and economic data in general (unless the GDP and the index of labor cost, which is issued quarterly, published in the month the release of all economic indicators in pairs, and the first number represents the last period, and the second number is the number of amendments to one month
More recent period. For example, in July, economic information is released from the month of June at the latest. It also includes modifications to allow Likewise, the index of economic indicators in May Reason to the Ministry of Economy of the collection of statistics to collect information in order to better position than a month after the operation time. This feature is useful for traders. As the number of economically better index of 0,4 percent last month than expected, but in the last month rose 0.4 percent less than the new data, and the dealer you can usually ignore economic data specific. The release of economic indicators at different times. Economic data usually Nations issued for 8:30 and 10:00 ET. It is important to remember that the most important figures in foreign currency was issued at 8:30 ET. Changes in the last minute to allow time for
8:20 PM ET U.S. currency futures markets open. Future economic data released in all major information Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and newspapers such as
Trade magazines such as New York Times and Business Week magazine. More
More often, and sources of dealer, can bridge the use of information systems to track,
Reuters or Bloomberg, and collecting information from publications
Source of updated information.
Gross national product (GNP)
GDP measures the efficiency of the economy in overhead costs. The cursor is at the macro level, given the size of consumer spending, investment spending, government spending and net trade. I am astonished refers to the amount of goods and services produced in the United States population of the United States or abroad.
GDP) means the sum of all goods and services produced within the United States or companies, internal or external. The difference between the two is the case with the nominal
The U.S. economy. GDP figures, and is very popular outside the United States. To make it easier to compare the performance of different economies, the United States also provides data on gross domestic product.
Consumer spending
The possible use of the personal income and discretionary income. Identify customers' use or storage and psychological nature. And consumer confidence is seen as a key indicator of customers who move from low income tend to save to buy.
Value of the investment
Gross domestic investment or private consumption - the group consisting of inventory investment.
Government spending
Government to use all the impact is quite normal, and its impact on other economic indicators, due to extraordinary expenses. For example, the total U.S. military spending plays an important role in
1990 American jobs. Reduction of the Minister of Defence, which took place in a time of growing unemployment in less time.
Net trade
Net trade of another important I am astonished. In all parts of the world since 1980, and the internationalization of economic and political changes and edge effects on the ability of the United States to compete abroad. U.S. trade deficit in the past few decades, slowed GDP. The flow of goods and transport costs: I am astonished and can be viewed in two ways.
Industrial Production
Industrial production accounts for the production of plants, utilities and mines. Basic level of perception, it is important to note that reflects the economic extrapolation of economic power, and the strength of some currencies. That foreign currency traders as evidence of the potential business use of economic indicators.
The ability to use
And divided the total industrial production capacity to build capacity. The term refers to the largest production plant you can generate the conditions of general business. Total consumption of the foreign exchange market is an important economic indicator. However, there are areas where the economic impact of nature and useful for analysis. Enough for the economy to81.5 "normal" data to the Council. 85 percent or more of the chapter reads the data indicate that the manufacturing and production of overheating the economy is operating near capacity. High rates of capacity utilization by inflation and expectations of the foreign exchange market that the central bank will raise interest rates
Prevent or contain inflation.

Financial and Sociopolitical Factors

Gift of financial factors

Financial analysis based on the work of criminals. Change, and is committed to the changes to the public on the price of fiscal policy for the growth of savings from these payments in exchange noted. Finance
Factors that must be beginning economic realized. Empire when the focus or different parts of the economy outside the international interfere with, and may precede the economic and financial criminals are the transfer of checks. In fact, much of what should be done by one or reduction of discount from ships and differences in various degrees of changes in the ship differenceExchange year unharmed. What is the difference if there were something different vessels, even in anticipation of the arrival of Tarshish and stuff. In fact, if the rumors say, and will kill and will be sold to the discount rate before the money and the relevant facts.

Political era, and increased

Political place through his things to the request of the time, but a sudden hit one year. And will always be at hand, by definition, a departure from it. Moneta traders have the answers to interventions Ars place. Speed ??the process; Hawk of the battle, and adjust as well. Traders on the knowledge. Could be left without the quick actions to get out of the traders in the cold. Not
Analysis only from Split in the use of at least second. This cat the size of drops, was one of barriers to trade. Prices, dry quickly, 100 points 5 points between they say in some cases, to announce the forest, they provide. It's hard to be taken in the forum.

The Fundamentals Of Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is appointed to analyze market movement (the movement of prices, volume and open interests) using data from the last time. Basically, the system of the past behavior of exchange rates in order to anticipate future performance. This is one of the most important tools to predict the financial markets. Such analysis is a tool commonly used to predict the participation of two centuries. The power of technical analysis tool based on the flexibility in terms of markets and the schedule rate. Can be easily Sellers, who is participating in several currencies, but its application to specialized technical expertise in the same trade in other currencies. Vendors who specialized in the trade sector can easily switch to the currency used in planning future studies, because the principles of the same technique over and over again, regardless of the market. In addition, different actors and patterns of different commercial objectives and analysis frames.Technical time is easy to calculate, which is important, and maintenance of increasingly complex and reasonablipriced.Prior this lack of technical analysis of the open market will provide sufficient signals for sale.

The basic principles of the theory of technical analysis on the basis of the following main theses Dov. 1. Price has a wide margin of market forces. On at any time, any information about the market and the strength of currency is the price. 2. Price movements and repeated history. 3. Price movements are trend followers. 4. There are three areas: primary and secondary, or less. The primary trend of three phases: the accumulation and distribution run-up/run-dovn. Dealers shrevdest accumulation phase the new position. Run-up/run-dovn on stage and finally, the vast majority of the market, "Look," a step, and jump on the train. Finally, the distribution phase, and most of the traders and profit to close position, while the public interest to delay access to commercial markets. Secondary trend can be attributed to a change in the main direction, and return to the half or third or two thirds of the primary trend. 5. Size must be confirmed this trend. 6. Trend exists, it proves that it has been strengthened. Figure 5.1. These disorders appear in the foreign exchange market bearish. Buy signals occur points A and B, when it exceeds the height of the previous currency. Sessions of the change in exchange rates have a tendency to repeat the events that took place at the same time an important basis to justify the Dove again. Session identification is a powerful tool, which can be used for a long time in the short term. At this stage, in the long run more important. Figure 5.2. Shows a series of three stages. Is called the upper cycle (C) Ridge and bottom (T) knows more. Cycle by measuring analysts. Measured amplitude and phase of the courses in time. It seems to show a lot of phases of the cycle length of the life cycle appears at the site of the channel.

And the volume of open interest
The total volume consists of currency in circulation at that time, usually one day. For example, in 2000, the total foreign currency day trading volume of $ 1.4 trillion. However, traders are naturally interested in how specific tools for certain periods of trade due to the high volume of traffic and shows that it is of interest, and some liquidity in the market and a small amount of alerts to reduce the risk of these markets. In a number of markets are generally very difficult to identify or damage. Moreover, some configurations chart of the development of heavy trading volume forsuccessful. Not one of the examples on the head and shoulders formation.Therefore Despite the importance of clear and easily quantified from the amount in foreign currency and markets.One way to assess the numbers in the futures market. The aim of the second to the "amount is based on the number of volumes

Trend Continuation Patterns

To improve the current trends, charts, technical analysis. This is called the form of training a permanent table. Among this relatively short period of flight consolidation occur in the same direction. Will most likely be the original. The continuity of the main form.

1 card
2 Media triangular.
3 triangles
4 wedges.
5 seats


The objective of price formation and the direction of the flag signal. This configuration of the stream strong and sharp. Increase or decrease. To support stability in the edge itself.
Parallel to the guide wire and cable resistance is a bit more Hrn. If you know, and it seems that science. (Parallelogram), and prevented in many cases. The slope of this trend in the opposite direction, or just flat. Before you upgrade to the direction of the flagpole strict and if the trend in the mold box.
For example, the number of flags, and are measuring the height of the flag poles. 140.00 points and 120.00 Ulfrq between direct aid to 2000. Objective poverty line cheap 105.00 125.00, 125.00 points in 2000.

Pennant Group.

Closely linked to the card Banner. Using the same principle. The only difference is that the financial statements for the district thong lines to remember that the best mutual support and resistance. If this upward trend, rising pattern Thong Chai is the original box. Penetration from the point of measurement objectives

Create a triangle.

Can not be imagined without the triangle pole with four logos. Types of triangles: symmetrical, ascending, descending and expansion. Symmetrical triangle on both sides of the support of two parts. Is defined resistance lines, and at least four main objectives. Symmetrical rows of each other, and shows that there is a balance between supply and demand of foreign currencies at the market. Therefore, the split may occur on both sides. In the case of a bullish symmetrical triangle. The legal person registered in the constitution exists constantly in the form of the same direction.

Wedge formation.

Klein pennant triangle is soon and the recruitment and development of all forms of warning
And the Triangle, but look and behave like a thong district without the center. William is a clear trend or slope of the settlement in the opposite direction. However, similar to the original direction of this trend. We have received signals from only one direction is a blood clot. The price is not to be trusted. Increasingly, the direction of this trend through two types of wedges and down.

Form a rectangle.

He also called for the negotiations. (Or jam), and create a rectangle.
Total time to think. Sally Mon, may continue. Failure is likely to change follow the reverse pattern. This model is not easy to check, may carry some potential ways forward. If there is a picnic, is not feeling well, and is called bullish rectangle. The initial cost is high.Rectangle As you can see, money is between welldefined. Continued support and resistance levels. Sally possible. Each of the target price for a period of consolidation (N) is a rectangle (G'H) high sample points X Sally. Number is the same as the initial price for the fun of 1.6200, while the difference. 1.6100 1.6000 1.6100 measured in 100 and PIP.

Mathematical Trading Methods (Indicators)

Average cost of moving average is more than a set number of days divided by the number of constraints. The highest average number of days, come is smooth. Currency moving average makes it easy to see that the statistics of daily activities, no noise. Technical analysis is a simple tool, and is also used as an index, or default. You can see the moving average has a smooth depends on the line and currencies. Closing prices in the overall average including the transition day. It is based on the average medium-term or high - low level, and the average daily closing price.Moving averages action signals And often an average of only filter is used where the cost and time. As liquidation costs, short - term currency movements in the conclusion, the general price range for a day or a certain percentage (based on a decision of the faithful will be selected) is clean. Envelope model is used as a price filter. Consists of one (perhaps 5 - day) based on the average closing price in the short term, and a small proportion (proposed 2 percent of foreign currency.), Add and remove transfers. The average price of group more capable of movement and fluktuatyons. When he broke through the ceiling, sell signal occurs below the limits will be created in parallel winding. When pierced along the bottom, it is a sign for your purchase. Signals generated by the envelope model is a term that is very small, because they often occur in the opposite direction in the continuous market, and speed of implementation is essential. Low group was created in the same way, but it is based on moving average high and low prices - Semitism. Time as a filter, you can use a few days to avoid false signals.Ossillators Ossillators designed to refer to the buying and oversold conditions. Signal useful for purposes of the volume is, what is the difference in the price of the underlying currency occurs oscillator. Download zero, where appropriate, generally for signs direktyonalkrossing. Oscillators important examples of the types of average convergence divergence (maximum), relative strength and momentum to move Index RSI).Stotshastix Stotshastix negotiations to create the signs are that the cost itself. Seen this concept, and quite a big market, on the basis of closing prices tend to approach daily Hayes, the lowest level in the market, and try closing price to close out lava. Daily oscillator consists of two lines called% K and% D as a percentage question See Drawing Tools, and% d moving average. Average convergence - the difference (max) moves is the average convergence divergence (max) oscillator, Gerald wastes have been developed, based largely in the homogeneity predicate Age. Makd two exponential moving averages and plotted against the zero line is. The zero line represents the average value by twice the same. At the moment Designed to measure the speed of price momentum indicator is no change to the current level of prices. Oscillator consists of net area very close to the price of the price and close the oldest Predetermined time.
Torque (m) to calculate the formula:
B = head, which
President - the closing price
Old price closing time in advance - of.
New values ​​have been taken in this way, or was it positive or negative
Numbers placed on the zero line. The end of the positive values ​​at any time is considered overbought conditions, negative in the extreme values, however, referred to as the oversold condition. Momentum is measured on a scale of zero line on the verge of opening. Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Drafted by the wells relative strength index is a popular oscillator Wilder. The RSI measures the relative changes between prices closed higher and lower.
Rate of change (Rock)Rate of change of momentum is a copy of the oscillator. In fact, based on the time to change the shape of the new version to remove from the closing price of another topic - Rock
It is based on the old formula on the closing price of the Division for the past.
Crude indicator channel (atheist century)Put channel index commodity Donald Lambert. There is an average price of the currency and make the difference between the average cost of the average over the same period of time. Create a signal when passed through a high purchase price (100), line price and sell signals when it was under the line of (-100) Low.Bollinger bands Bollinger bands are mixed with a tool to move the average volatility. The prices were designed Bandvidth high or low risk, either by seizing on a relative basis. Two standard deviations above, there are two simple moving average 20 days under the drawing. The emergence of many groups and expand the envelope and model contracts. Completely when the contracts team, and the volatility of low signal, the instructions expansion in the near future. Further training in more than two signals, one from inside and outside the group following a court order. Group in this case, the sale signs. When the team takes place after the purchase is a sign. Invented system.Complement loss to another system of mixing DeficienciesTrend - - System satellites (objects) system equivalent in terms of cost and time, based on the cessation of such a system. The final system to be allegorical, and rotation the following costs. Line. When the story is rich with the representative of the position under the proposed price. On the other hand, when making a decision on the price, and short position represents a parabola. Equivalent system of oscillators can used.Dignitary is to halt and reverse the trend. New trends are moving in the direction of station daily. Built - it's time to get involved to accelerate the cost factor of money. Files, the new trend, will create a reference objects.Movement Indicator direktyonal (drawing)
Movement Indicator direktyonal to point to the existence of a market trend. Prices is enough to line the direction of movement in the imposition of large tax 0100. The higher the number, and the best possible direction of movement, and vice versa. Should use this system or the same system facet as a filter. Technical traders use a combination of different tools in the analysis of their daily lives and business.

The Elliott Waves

Basics of Wave Analysis Elliott Wave Principle, where the experimental rules of the market system in the process of interpretation. Elliott pointed out that the market is growing sense of rhythm and the main structure of the five waves yet, and this trend is the trend in all three waves of the higher grade. Grows, the market, and this pattern of five waves, or three waves, each of eight waves of the bull / bear market cycle market. Move the definition of five-wave pulse wave as a whole, and three batches of countercorrection wave. The bull move five waves, wave 1, 3 and 5 is pulseeach itself is divided into three waves 2 and 4, and corrective waves, waves, small waves are divided into five smaller waves. Pulse sequence subwave, as shown, but reported a number of Corrections subwave marked with the letters.Differences in pulse waveTend in each series of five waves, and one of the three subwave pulse (ie wave 1.3 wave and wave 5) internal divisions, and often for the movement of anelongated. In some cases, the same section and the capacity of waves period, a total of nine bombs, the pulse train ManagerWaves level of similar size, rather than the usual number of five-key sequence. Nine-wave sequence, extension, and is sometimes difficult to determine the wave. Equal to the number nine to five, with a variety of techniques, but usually not matter.So why, in the ability of several waves, and the examples of the Extensions-General and in any case clearly demonstrates the same. Extensions can also, if not, extended the unusual waves of five, the third wave of economic expansion.Diagonal trianglesThere are many famous models of the theory of Technical Analysis Elliott in particular, and the provision of two types of triangles, and watch the waves. Diagonal triangles of type 1 consists of five waves and waves of С and this, according to the scale of the original Eliot, "very fast, going too far." We note that all sub-models of wave 1.3, including waves of 0.5, and the fourth wave of the movement in three waves, which are often the first waves of the price range for growth in power. The formation of the kind that is usually followed by, at least in the diagonal triangle of the fall, and below. Which is usually paid up on the other hand, lower Cross - 1, ascending.

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