Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Art Of Trading

Talk about trade, and the people who say that the trade of art. Read books published about this subject. It is said that the art of forex trading.

In this sense we must not Forex and science and art. I know some people who disagree with me and all the comments on this blog. I can not blame them because I was in the same place when I started acting. Attempt to use foreign exchange to respond logical explanation.

This is the answer you are looking for. I am now. See your mind can accept.

Forex is not a science. It's not a simple equation that can be interpreted. It is not expected any expectations we can not predict. All you have to do is just to get the profits after the market. If the purchase price then rises. If the stock price, you sell. You can not win every time, but if the market could be in excess. Get your profits and increase its capital to the point where he won a small number of transactions per month for big profits.


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