Thursday, 16 June 2011

Trading Up: Choosing the Best Web Browser

          Firefox 4

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 is the current version is stable, at the time of this writing. However, we are running a beta version of Firefox 4.As you can see in Figure 2.4 for Firefox has a web page is slightly smaller than the width of IE 7 9 or Chrome. Hidden in the menu toolbar, as is the case with many other modern browsers, but the subject of the Firefox menu button in the upper left toolbar to make it more comprehensive.

Figure 2

Firefox provides all the basic functions of the modern web browser, plus some. Can be integrated spelling checker is priceless. Pretty much will be checked on a box, or type in the field that the web pages. Any spelling errors to show the red underline. You can simply right-click on the word for spelling suggestions.In Firefox, you can view all passwords stored by the browser, which is great if you have forgotten your login details to the site. You can protect them up with a master password, and to prevent others from seeing or access to the list.Firefox, such as chromium, he has a synchronization feature, so your favorites and preferences will be the same across all computers.One feature unique of its kind found with Firefox 4 is the ability to take screen shots of web pages from an icon in the lower right corner of Firefox. This can come in handy for some, especially since they can capture a whole page, not only what is visible on the screen.I also found two things that can be improved in Firefox 4. When you open a new tab, for example, it would be nice if it is loaded or view home page something other than a blank page. In addition, you can not specify multiple home pages to be displayed in the signs when you open Internet Explorer, both Chrome and made this function.Firefox allows you to perform searches from the toolbar, but it would be nice if the integration of research in the address bar instead of having to click in the search box separately. Download Manager allows you to pause downloads, but do not automatically resume after interruption of communication.Mozilla, and being open source-based organization, provides a browser for Mac OS X and Linux, in addition to Windows.


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