Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What Is Leverage

If all exposed to the world Forex You've probably heard
Launched the word "influence". But what exactly is the "influence"?
Is preparing a very important part of foreign exchange trading, and it is important to know
Exactly how it works and how to use them. E-Forex traders use the term related to
The relationship between the amount for the full value of the investment exchange.
Forex brokers usually offer their customers the ability to negotiate
Debt, so that companies do not have to invest thousands of dollars
Opportunity, a real bonus. If the business to take advantage of 1:100 or
X100 means that for every $ 1 you invest in the market, the broker invested
$ 100. Therefore, you can control the amount of $ 10,000 invested $ 100. Toro
The operator can trade up to 1:400 leverage.
And probably would not be surprised if we say, more opportunities
The result is the most vulnerable. As minor fluctuations in exchange rates may
Large sums of money, but also the loss of a lot of your money
Quickly. More influence, the more profit you make and do
Faster and you can lose your investment. One can take advantage of 1:400
More money as a leverage of 1:100, but also your initial investment
More risk.
If you trade with a leverage of 1:100, it should be that the market will grow by 100 points
Attract them to your site. On the other hand, trade, once with
The influence of 1:400, the market is only 25 points against you will
Their positions are reversed.
We recommend that you first place with a low pressure 1:100, and once
See that you have a strong tendency to Start 1:400
The relationship between the minimum Lotto, and ensures that the volume of trade
Basically, the minimum lot size for the company $ 10,000, use, and then
Restrictions is determined on the basis of the amount of purchase on the Internet:
Use Lotto
25 400 10,000
50 200 10,000
100 100 10,000
And benefit from trade in leveraged products is that the potential gains
Are almost unlimited, and only loss on the size of your initial investment. If less than the level of private investment
Automatically close the trade. This is done by automatic stop loss
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