Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Money Management

Is there a secret to a successful business?
The way in which 'h the use of all successful entrepreneurs, and not a secret. This is called
Money management.
Money management is not ambiguous language - it's just
Knowledge and skills necessary to manage your Forex trading. It's very easy
It may seem, is the key to life long and successful career as a trader. However, it is often
Forgotten or overlooked in the excitement of trading. We take this opportunity
Add some basic rules, you can manage your account.
Do not look great to win, is likely to be a great loss. Success
Trade always means a surplus widened slightly in the long term
Profits. Never assume that lucrative deals, and plans of the consequences.
In need of a very small percentage of the total balance of the risks faced by each
Trade. It is easy to reduce the risk, even if you lose at the end of
Total investment in a commercial environment, does not affect your
Libra. The recommended amount is 2% in the trade balance.
Operators to be more aggressive to up to 5% but never more than that. This is a very
Maintain a significant base, because the higher your balance drops, the more difficult
With limit orders
Learn stop-loss orders and profit efficient. These treaties protect
Investments and the achievement of your profits. It is very simple tools
The difference to your account.
Trade volume
They proposed to open small businesses, because it is the lost function,
On the contrary, may occur with a major investment, and high pressure,
Profitable to do so.
Practice with virtual money
The use of the operating mode for the practice of money. One of the unique characteristics of eToro is
Our program provides a practice environment. How virtual money
Works the same way that the actual modalities of the negotiations and the same prices in real time, using
With small difference is without risk. It is recommended that use of this practice
Fashion on the platform and learn forex trading experience.
Even after the launch of real money trade, this is the place to look for
Trading strategies. It makes no sense to risk your money in a test
One theory, because it managed to reduce the risks. After seeing what happened is always a strategy with virtual money, in an attempt
For Real Madrid.


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