Wednesday, 8 June 2011

How To Analyse The Trend

Trend analysis based on the idea that what happened in the past, and provides
Traders an idea of ??what will happen in the future.
While this may seem very basic, to determine whether the couple were
When effort and help you increase your chances of winning
Consistently in Forex.
Once you determine the direction, it is possible to calculate that the speed
Currency pair will continue to, you have the direction of the trend with
Identify and crafts in this direction.
If the upward trend, which means that the high prices, currency pairs will now be
Give you the best profit opportunities. If a downward trend, which means that the rate and
Is selling a pair of currencies provides you more chance of winning
How can I identify the direction and what are the characteristics of direction?
The easiest way to determine the direction of various forms of price
Forms. You can find out whether the market is moving in the direction of bullish or bearish.
Determine the direction of currencies
Once in the direction in a couple of foreign currency fluctuations begin to form
Ups and downs in the graph of the few countries that are easy to identify.
In an uptrend, and the direction of prices is a series of far higher and higher
Valleys.(The highest peaks and down above).
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we should consider the following schedule:This figure shows that the trader must buy the currency pair (document
Trade with a profit after increases in selling prices).In the downward trend in prices in the form of a series of small peaks and bottoms
(The lower layer of the upper and lower)
This figure shows that the trader must sell the currency pair (document
Trade and profit from the decline in market price)


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