Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Smarter use of transactions IB SmartRoutingSM. IB SmartRouting search for the best company for the shares, option, and price mix available at the time of your order, and seeks to implement immediately, your order electronically.
Our statistics speak for themselves. Based on independent measurements, and a check transactions, and decided, Inc. (TAG), a provider of third-party for the analysis of transactions and interactive mediators that U.S. stocks and the death rate options and European prices penalty stock1 was much better than industry2 in 2010.
What other brokers from leaving the comfortableOur results are even more impressive when you consider that other industry touted statistics do not give you the full picture. However, they only percent of the requests that have seen price improvement, and conveniently ignore the percent of orders Dis, which was improved or showed no improvement. On the other hand, we have won the statistics, showing improved real price down the line, including all amounts, and improve the Des improved and unimproved.

* Unlike other smart routers, IB SmartRouting never give up control of your request. It evaluates continuously changing market conditions quickly and dynamically re-routes all or parts of your system in order to achieve optimal implementation and maximize your opponent.
* IB SmartRouting represents each leg in order to spread independently and enters each leg in place the best possible way.
* IB SmartRouting AutorecoverySM re-routes your U.S. options in case of failure of exchange, with IB undertaking the risk of double executions.
* To help provide better prices on large volume orders to prevent and take advantage of the hidden flows of the institutional system that may not be available on the exchange, IB include the ponds in the dark logic SmartRouting:
O Automated Trading Desk (ATD)
Q CSFB CrossFinder
Fares Q
Q Liquidnet

Net dollar Improvement3Improve the net price of the dollar chart
Customers can select TWS stock options and smart strategies for ordering non-marketable. Of the shares, it can be for customers with cost-plus pricing structure for the team these commands is marketable directed to:

The exchange with the highest discount
* Exchange-based code
* Exchange traded the highest volume discount to add liquidity
The exchange of accusations that the highest volume of the lowest fees for taking cash
For options, customers can choose to send them to non-marketable smart routing orders to the exchange to provide the highest level of the opponent. These guidelines can be set on the basis of guidance for each of the Miscellaneous tab ticket order, or in the form of the global default setting of the page, the smart routing configuration.


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