Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Elliott Waves

Basics of Wave Analysis Elliott Wave Principle, where the experimental rules of the market system in the process of interpretation. Elliott pointed out that the market is growing sense of rhythm and the main structure of the five waves yet, and this trend is the trend in all three waves of the higher grade. Grows, the market, and this pattern of five waves, or three waves, each of eight waves of the bull / bear market cycle market. Move the definition of five-wave pulse wave as a whole, and three batches of countercorrection wave. The bull move five waves, wave 1, 3 and 5 is pulseeach itself is divided into three waves 2 and 4, and corrective waves, waves, small waves are divided into five smaller waves. Pulse sequence subwave, as shown, but reported a number of Corrections subwave marked with the letters.Differences in pulse waveTend in each series of five waves, and one of the three subwave pulse (ie wave 1.3 wave and wave 5) internal divisions, and often for the movement of anelongated. In some cases, the same section and the capacity of waves period, a total of nine bombs, the pulse train ManagerWaves level of similar size, rather than the usual number of five-key sequence. Nine-wave sequence, extension, and is sometimes difficult to determine the wave. Equal to the number nine to five, with a variety of techniques, but usually not matter.So why, in the ability of several waves, and the examples of the Extensions-General and in any case clearly demonstrates the same. Extensions can also, if not, extended the unusual waves of five, the third wave of economic expansion.Diagonal trianglesThere are many famous models of the theory of Technical Analysis Elliott in particular, and the provision of two types of triangles, and watch the waves. Diagonal triangles of type 1 consists of five waves and waves of ะก and this, according to the scale of the original Eliot, "very fast, going too far." We note that all sub-models of wave 1.3, including waves of 0.5, and the fourth wave of the movement in three waves, which are often the first waves of the price range for growth in power. The formation of the kind that is usually followed by, at least in the diagonal triangle of the fall, and below. Which is usually paid up on the other hand, lower Cross - 1, ascending.


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