Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mathematical Trading Methods (Indicators)

Average cost of moving average is more than a set number of days divided by the number of constraints. The highest average number of days, come is smooth. Currency moving average makes it easy to see that the statistics of daily activities, no noise. Technical analysis is a simple tool, and is also used as an index, or default. You can see the moving average has a smooth depends on the line and currencies. Closing prices in the overall average including the transition day. It is based on the average medium-term or high - low level, and the average daily closing price.Moving averages action signals And often an average of only filter is used where the cost and time. As liquidation costs, short - term currency movements in the conclusion, the general price range for a day or a certain percentage (based on a decision of the faithful will be selected) is clean. Envelope model is used as a price filter. Consists of one (perhaps 5 - day) based on the average closing price in the short term, and a small proportion (proposed 2 percent of foreign currency.), Add and remove transfers. The average price of group more capable of movement and fluktuatyons. When he broke through the ceiling, sell signal occurs below the limits will be created in parallel winding. When pierced along the bottom, it is a sign for your purchase. Signals generated by the envelope model is a term that is very small, because they often occur in the opposite direction in the continuous market, and speed of implementation is essential. Low group was created in the same way, but it is based on moving average high and low prices - Semitism. Time as a filter, you can use a few days to avoid false signals.Ossillators Ossillators designed to refer to the buying and oversold conditions. Signal useful for purposes of the volume is, what is the difference in the price of the underlying currency occurs oscillator. Download zero, where appropriate, generally for signs direktyonalkrossing. Oscillators important examples of the types of average convergence divergence (maximum), relative strength and momentum to move Index RSI).Stotshastix Stotshastix negotiations to create the signs are that the cost itself. Seen this concept, and quite a big market, on the basis of closing prices tend to approach daily Hayes, the lowest level in the market, and try closing price to close out lava. Daily oscillator consists of two lines called% K and% D as a percentage question See Drawing Tools, and% d moving average. Average convergence - the difference (max) moves is the average convergence divergence (max) oscillator, Gerald wastes have been developed, based largely in the homogeneity predicate Age. Makd two exponential moving averages and plotted against the zero line is. The zero line represents the average value by twice the same. At the moment Designed to measure the speed of price momentum indicator is no change to the current level of prices. Oscillator consists of net area very close to the price of the price and close the oldest Predetermined time.
Torque (m) to calculate the formula:
B = head, which
President - the closing price
Old price closing time in advance - of.
New values ​​have been taken in this way, or was it positive or negative
Numbers placed on the zero line. The end of the positive values ​​at any time is considered overbought conditions, negative in the extreme values, however, referred to as the oversold condition. Momentum is measured on a scale of zero line on the verge of opening. Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Drafted by the wells relative strength index is a popular oscillator Wilder. The RSI measures the relative changes between prices closed higher and lower.
Rate of change (Rock)Rate of change of momentum is a copy of the oscillator. In fact, based on the time to change the shape of the new version to remove from the closing price of another topic - Rock
It is based on the old formula on the closing price of the Division for the past.
Crude indicator channel (atheist century)Put channel index commodity Donald Lambert. There is an average price of the currency and make the difference between the average cost of the average over the same period of time. Create a signal when passed through a high purchase price (100), line price and sell signals when it was under the line of (-100) Low.Bollinger bands Bollinger bands are mixed with a tool to move the average volatility. The prices were designed Bandvidth high or low risk, either by seizing on a relative basis. Two standard deviations above, there are two simple moving average 20 days under the drawing. The emergence of many groups and expand the envelope and model contracts. Completely when the contracts team, and the volatility of low signal, the instructions expansion in the near future. Further training in more than two signals, one from inside and outside the group following a court order. Group in this case, the sale signs. When the team takes place after the purchase is a sign. Invented system.Complement loss to another system of mixing DeficienciesTrend - - System satellites (objects) system equivalent in terms of cost and time, based on the cessation of such a system. The final system to be allegorical, and rotation the following costs. Line. When the story is rich with the representative of the position under the proposed price. On the other hand, when making a decision on the price, and short position represents a parabola. Equivalent system of oscillators can used.Dignitary is to halt and reverse the trend. New trends are moving in the direction of station daily. Built - it's time to get involved to accelerate the cost factor of money. Files, the new trend, will create a reference objects.Movement Indicator direktyonal (drawing)
Movement Indicator direktyonal to point to the existence of a market trend. Prices is enough to line the direction of movement in the imposition of large tax 0100. The higher the number, and the best possible direction of movement, and vice versa. Should use this system or the same system facet as a filter. Technical traders use a combination of different tools in the analysis of their daily lives and business.


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