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Customer Service

Policy and procedures for the statue

Limitation of Liability

WILL NOT IB accept any responsibility for the receipt or processing of any requests to cancel the trade ("BUST") provided by customers. IB will not accept any responsibility for any trade cancellation request submitted to and later dismissed from the center of the relevant market. SET market centers specific requirements of the trade cancellation requests, which include, among other things, the requirements of specific occupations that are eligible for cancellation as well as specific time limits within which they must submit a request to cancel the trade. IB is an attempt, on the basis of best efforts, to analyze and FORWARD appropriate requests to cancel the trade to the center of the relevant market. CAN IB, however, does not guarantee every request will be accepted to cancel the trade, submitted to and reviewed by, or granted by the Centre for the relevant market. Is IB does not compensate any requests for cancellation of commercial customers that do not accept IB or a relevant market.
Notification procedures

Customers who obtain the execution erroneous1 think clearly and who wish to obtain a baccalaureate broad center of the exchange or market for the abolition of trade on their behalf and are strongly encouraged to submit their request using the request to cancel within the trade account management. While applications received will also be processed by telephone, may involve such requests waiting times and communication entails the collection of information by the IB, which in the aggregate, may reduce the likelihood that the petition shall be submitted in a timely manner. Please note that the IB does not support communication via e-mail free of charge and the coordination of requests sent through the Help link on the portal are not intended for urgent matters.
Abolition of trade / statue fees

Exchanges and market centers often impose fees for requests for cancellation of trade in addition to the fees charged by the IB. It also encourages customers to examine all the fees associated with requests for cancellation prior to the application.
Where customers require cancellation of B are on both sides of the trade

The exchange centers and the selection of the market in general is not to decide on the cancellation requests, which include customers of the brokerage firm itself, will IB, when appropriate, and the application of the policy of dealers in place for such requests. Due to the nature of self and a high variety of these policies, and adopted a policy of B below in order to provide a level of certainty and predictability for our customers.

IB will make a decision only when the center exchange dealers in the market or the government rejects the trade cancellation policies and will abide by the trade of such organization whenever possible. Please see the website of the Center or exchange of the market for specific policies to abolish the trade. Will be making decisions that involve trading does not know specifically in the institution concerned trade cancellation policy on the basis of each individual case and if a clear policy to implement the specific question is, IB will establish a set of data including, but not necessarily limited set of considerations below. We will review all the information that is valuable in determining the nature of fair and orderly marketplace, and on this basis, we will not decide on a specific implementation based on the best efforts:

    Applications must be submitted to cancel the trade within the time set by the relevant place preferably through the instrument of trade cancellation request: * timely information.

    * A particular industry or company news / events.

    * Recent volatility of the stock.

    * Change in the indicators of a wide market in execution time.

    * We will see that the length of time that he lived even before implementation. IB may be more inclined to exit the trade if the system hits / lifts in bid / ask and less likely to break if it becomes the best bid / ask before implementation.

    * The time of application and the subsequent implementation. (Before / function compared to the market during the trading day).

    * Opening of the signal.

    * Reports on the transactions or the neighboring signals. For example, in the previous day's close price of previous trade reported, after the price recorded last trade publications.

    * Prints the following, respectively.

    * Liquidity issues.

It is designed guidelines mentioned above to provide a level of protection for our customers. However, no policy can anticipate every situation imaginable. B retains the right to take decisions in the interest of maintaining fair and orderly marketplace.
Guidelines for the abolition of forex trading / trading metals

IB will generally consider to cancel or modify any price Forex / Trading metals that are performed is greater than ½% away from the fair market value at execution time. Must be received requests to cancel the trade effect within a reasonable period of time following and preferably be sent by request to cancel a tool of trade. And B to maintain the absolute discretion to determine the reasonableness of the time of reporting, taking into account the circumstances surrounding the trade in question. In the event that meets trade guidelines for the price, but there is a delay in reporting / cancellation request, IB have refused the request for cancellation or may apply Other algorithms for determining the settlement price, for example, taking into account the commercial range of the instrument in the time interval from implementation of the abolition of REQU


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