Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Economic Indicators

Economic indicators are still in a certain time, interest rates andLow, and changes in the government or of natural, land procedures, etc., and economic data in general (unless the GDP and the index of labor cost, which is issued quarterly, published in the month the release of all economic indicators in pairs, and the first number represents the last period, and the second number is the number of amendments to one month
More recent period. For example, in July, economic information is released from the month of June at the latest. It also includes modifications to allow Likewise, the index of economic indicators in May Reason to the Ministry of Economy of the collection of statistics to collect information in order to better position than a month after the operation time. This feature is useful for traders. As the number of economically better index of 0,4 percent last month than expected, but in the last month rose 0.4 percent less than the new data, and the dealer you can usually ignore economic data specific. The release of economic indicators at different times. Economic data usually Nations issued for 8:30 and 10:00 ET. It is important to remember that the most important figures in foreign currency was issued at 8:30 ET. Changes in the last minute to allow time for
8:20 PM ET U.S. currency futures markets open. Future economic data released in all major information Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and newspapers such as
Trade magazines such as New York Times and Business Week magazine. More
More often, and sources of dealer, can bridge the use of information systems to track,
Reuters or Bloomberg, and collecting information from publications
Source of updated information.
Gross national product (GNP)
GDP measures the efficiency of the economy in overhead costs. The cursor is at the macro level, given the size of consumer spending, investment spending, government spending and net trade. I am astonished refers to the amount of goods and services produced in the United States population of the United States or abroad.
GDP) means the sum of all goods and services produced within the United States or companies, internal or external. The difference between the two is the case with the nominal
The U.S. economy. GDP figures, and is very popular outside the United States. To make it easier to compare the performance of different economies, the United States also provides data on gross domestic product.
Consumer spending
The possible use of the personal income and discretionary income. Identify customers' use or storage and psychological nature. And consumer confidence is seen as a key indicator of customers who move from low income tend to save to buy.
Value of the investment
Gross domestic investment or private consumption - the group consisting of inventory investment.
Government spending
Government to use all the impact is quite normal, and its impact on other economic indicators, due to extraordinary expenses. For example, the total U.S. military spending plays an important role in
1990 American jobs. Reduction of the Minister of Defence, which took place in a time of growing unemployment in less time.
Net trade
Net trade of another important I am astonished. In all parts of the world since 1980, and the internationalization of economic and political changes and edge effects on the ability of the United States to compete abroad. U.S. trade deficit in the past few decades, slowed GDP. The flow of goods and transport costs: I am astonished and can be viewed in two ways.
Industrial Production
Industrial production accounts for the production of plants, utilities and mines. Basic level of perception, it is important to note that reflects the economic extrapolation of economic power, and the strength of some currencies. That foreign currency traders as evidence of the potential business use of economic indicators.
The ability to use
And divided the total industrial production capacity to build capacity. The term refers to the largest production plant you can generate the conditions of general business. Total consumption of the foreign exchange market is an important economic indicator. However, there are areas where the economic impact of nature and useful for analysis. Enough for the economy to81.5 "normal" data to the Council. 85 percent or more of the chapter reads the data indicate that the manufacturing and production of overheating the economy is operating near capacity. High rates of capacity utilization by inflation and expectations of the foreign exchange market that the central bank will raise interest rates
Prevent or contain inflation.


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