Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Trend Continuation Patterns

To improve the current trends, charts, technical analysis. This is called the form of training a permanent table. Among this relatively short period of flight consolidation occur in the same direction. Will most likely be the original. The continuity of the main form.

1 card
2 Media triangular.
3 triangles
4 wedges.
5 seats


The objective of price formation and the direction of the flag signal. This configuration of the stream strong and sharp. Increase or decrease. To support stability in the edge itself.
Parallel to the guide wire and cable resistance is a bit more Hrn. If you know, and it seems that science. (Parallelogram), and prevented in many cases. The slope of this trend in the opposite direction, or just flat. Before you upgrade to the direction of the flagpole strict and if the trend in the mold box.
For example, the number of flags, and are measuring the height of the flag poles. 140.00 points and 120.00 Ulfrq between direct aid to 2000. Objective poverty line cheap 105.00 125.00, 125.00 points in 2000.

Pennant Group.

Closely linked to the card Banner. Using the same principle. The only difference is that the financial statements for the district thong lines to remember that the best mutual support and resistance. If this upward trend, rising pattern Thong Chai is the original box. Penetration from the point of measurement objectives

Create a triangle.

Can not be imagined without the triangle pole with four logos. Types of triangles: symmetrical, ascending, descending and expansion. Symmetrical triangle on both sides of the support of two parts. Is defined resistance lines, and at least four main objectives. Symmetrical rows of each other, and shows that there is a balance between supply and demand of foreign currencies at the market. Therefore, the split may occur on both sides. In the case of a bullish symmetrical triangle. The legal person registered in the constitution exists constantly in the form of the same direction.

Wedge formation.

Klein pennant triangle is soon and the recruitment and development of all forms of warning
And the Triangle, but look and behave like a thong district without the center. William is a clear trend or slope of the settlement in the opposite direction. However, similar to the original direction of this trend. We have received signals from only one direction is a blood clot. The price is not to be trusted. Increasingly, the direction of this trend through two types of wedges and down.

Form a rectangle.

He also called for the negotiations. (Or jam), and create a rectangle.
Total time to think. Sally Mon, may continue. Failure is likely to change follow the reverse pattern. This model is not easy to check, may carry some potential ways forward. If there is a picnic, is not feeling well, and is called bullish rectangle. The initial cost is high.Rectangle As you can see, money is between welldefined. Continued support and resistance levels. Sally possible. Each of the target price for a period of consolidation (N) is a rectangle (G'H) high sample points X Sally. Number is the same as the initial price for the fun of 1.6200, while the difference. 1.6100 1.6000 1.6100 measured in 100 and PIP.


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